5/16 inch (8mm) TCT Spear Point Tile & Glass Pilot Drill

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Pilot Drill for use with Hole Saw Mandrels / Arbors.

This Pilot Drill has been designed to be used on its own or to fit any of our Hole Saw Mandrels.

Also fits any standard Mandrel / Arbor that takes a regular 6mm (1/4") Shaft Drill

The Tip is Specifically designed for Cutting Ceramic Tile and Glass without slipping.

There's no Point Having a Hole saw that can cut through Tile if the Pilot Cannot!

Cutting holes in Ceramic Tiles can be difficult if not impossible, this pilot drill allows for an easy start when drilling and can be used in corded or cordless drills, the Drill is capable of being used on its own for drilling holes for rawl plugs etc.

When used in conjunction with our Mandrels / Arbors and Tungsten Grit Edge Holesaws they leave a fine finish and can cut through a wide range of Tough Abrasive and Brittle materials like Brick, Masonry, Slate, Marble, Construction Materials such as Autoclaved Cement Board, Fiber glass, Composite Boards such as Chipboard and MDF, Laminates, Rubber Tires, GRP, CFRP, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Plasterboard / Drywall, Soft Resinous Woods and Hard Brittle Materials.


NOTE: Although the photo illustrates the Pilot Drill attached to a Mandrel, the Mandrel is not included.

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